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Post-Op Instructions

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  • Your child’s mouth may remain numb for a few hours after extraction or other surgery. During this time, please have them take care not to bite their tongue, lip, or cheek. Avoid foods that require chewing until normal feeling resumes.
  • You should monitor your child closely for about 2 hours after the appointment.
  • If a gauze pack was placed on the extraction site, leave it in place for 30-45 minutes after leaving our office. There may be some minor bleeding or oozing from the site. If so, fold a piece of clean gauze into a thick pad, dampen it with water and place it onto the site, then close teeth firmly. Maintain firm pressure for about 30 minutes, then remove. Repeat as needed.
  • For 24 hours: do not allow your child to drink through a straw or rinse their mouth vigorously; avoid mouthwash containing alcohol; limit strenuous activity. This will reduce bleeding, assist in clotting, and promote natural healing.
  • Brush and floss normally, avoiding the extraction site and the teeth next to it until the day following the extraction. At that time, begin gently rinsing after meals, as directed by our dentist.
  • If your child is prescribed or recommended any medication for pain or inflammation, use as directed.
  • Use cold compresses to relieve any minor swelling.
  • Watch for any darkening of traumatized teeth or signs of infection or increased swelling. Call our office if any of these occur.

Follow up with our dentist as directed.


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