Oral or facial trauma includes any injury that affects your teeth or gums. In the case of an emergency, please contact our office right away. The first 30 minutes following an accident are a crucial period for ensuring optimal recovery. We want to see your child for treatment as soon as possible and we may provide other instructions for intermediate care.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out of your child’s mouth, please contact our office right away. We will guide you to gently rinse it in water and not to scrub. Place it back into the socket if you feel comfortable and your child is able to understand how to keep the tooth in place without swallowing or choking on it. If not, place the tooth in a clean wet cloth or glass of milk and bring it to the office with your child. If the tooth is fractured, bring any pieces you can.

If there is bleeding in the mouth or gums, apply moderate pressure with a water-dampened gauze pad. Call our office as soon as possible if bleeding is severe or accompanied by swelling.

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