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Emergency Care

Midlothian, VA Pediatric Dentist

For dental emergencies, call our office immediately. We will want to see your child as soon as possible. If you are unable to reach us directly, please leave a message and take your child to the hospital for care. We will follow up with you as soon as we can.

Basic emergency care:

Toothache: Clean the area. Use cold compresses for swelling. Contact us for an appointment.

Cut/Bitten Tongue, Lip or Cheek: Use ice to control swelling. Apply firm, gentle pressure with gauze to stop bleeding. If bleeding cannot be controlled, call your doctor or go to a hospital.

Knocked out baby tooth: Generally requires no treatment, but contact us for an appointment to ensure no other issues.

Knocked out permanent tooth: If possible, find the tooth, rinse in warm water, immerse in milk. Bring child and tooth to our office as soon as possible. Time is critical for saving the tooth.

Chipped or fractured permanent tooth: Contact our office.

For serious trauma to the head or jaw, take your child to the emergency room immediately. Notify our office if advised by the doctor.


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