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Sedation Dentistry can be a useful option for children who are anxious, have special needs, or need complex, time consuming treatment that can make it difficult to hold still. Each of the sedation options we offer is safe and effective in helping your child to relax through treatment. There are a few things to note about using Sedation Dentistry.

  • A parent or guardian must be on site throughout the procedure.
  • Plan to keep your child home with appropriate supervision for the remainder of the day following treatment involving sedation.
  • Your child should not have solid food for 6 hours before sedation and only clear liquids for the 4 hours prior.
  • Your child may not remember part or all of the treatment. This is normal, as the medication can have an amnesia-like effect.
  • Let us know about any medications or conditions your child has.
  • Please dress your child in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for their treatment.
  • Your child may experience some mild nausea following sedation. Have them sip clear liquids and keep the first meal following treatment light.

You may be given additional instructions for your child prior to leaving our office.


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